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screenshot of Silent Push explore dashboard screen

Today we are releasing a community edition of our research data. This includes our new query builder – an interactive interface that makes it easier for the user to explore the advanced features of our APIs.

Query Builder guides the user through the many options available in each API and provides contextual links to the API documentation directly in the interface.

The query builder guides users in how to make API queries.
It give the results in JSON with the ability to copy the actual API endpoint for use in your automations.

Reputation Information

Now you can easily get reputation and risk scores for any IP or domain or name server by making a query in the query builder. Then you can copy the API URL for use in an automation.

Receive reputation information on any infrastructure, including explanations if required.

There are many possible queries of our data including the ability to search for regex or wildcard versions of domains across many combinations of infrastructure attributes. We have some templates available for you to get started.

Passive Active DNS

That’s not all we’re giving to the community. You also get access to all our PADNS searches with associated risk scores. Lets say you want to know all the IPs a domain has moved through and if some are riskier than others. Starting at this page

How to do a reverse DNS query and get a risk assessment of every IP address.

Enter your domain in question in the main search box and click the Enrich button first.

Although we don’t give the full threat feed information in the community edition we do give the history score for how frequently the domain appears in trusted feed sources. We also give the whois information as well as the reputation of associated infrastructure.

Now click the small blue button beside the host name

Now you see the results for this domains history across infrastructure and a risk score for each of those elements. For your next pivot you can click on any item and decide to either enrich it, or look it up in our PADNS as well.

Brand Monitoring (Typosquatting)

In order to monitor one of your domains or a supply chain domain for spoofing we have included a special feature for that.

This allows you to look for wildcard versions of domains and to simultaneously exclude company infrastructure. Lets give an example with a common domain

Exclude the infrastructure where you expect to find valid versions of the domain.

The result set will come back and then get populated with a coloured indicator to represent it’s risk score. Red is bad, orange is mixed and green is benign.

API documentation is on

Knowledge Base is on

Please enjoy your access to the community edition if you have received a login, we would love to hear your feedback.