Silent Push Community Edition

Community Edition is a free threat hunting and cyber defense tool used by security teams, bug bounty hunters, and researchers that features a range of basic and advanced DNS queries which interrogate the Silent Push database, built from our daily scans of the internet’s global IP range.

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Community Edition

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  • Web Scanner
    • Execute queries that interrogate the Silent Push web content database, and hunt for malicious websites impersonating your brand using SPQL – a powerful free-form query language.
  • Live Scan
    • Extract realtime data from a single URL (public or .onion), across 100+ pivotable categories, including risks scores, redirects, screenshots, and fuzzy hash values.
  • Enrichment
    • Take a standard observable (domain, IP, or URL) and enrich it by analyzing over 70 attributes that provide a comprehensive assessment of origin, risk levels, location (digital and geographic), accompanying DNS records, and associated passive DNS data
  • Explore DNS Data
    • Perform both forward and reverse IP, domain, and DNS record lookups that serve a broad range of threat defense functions. Join the dots by pivoting through the data using an intuitive console interface.
  • Digital Threat Management
    • Execute multi-parameter anti-impersonation queries that proactively and preemptively scan for threat actors seeking to pass their own infrastructure off as a legitimate brand. Search using a domain or a regex, and exclude your own infrastructure at the click of a button.
  • Attack Surface Mapping
    • Identify and monitor all the possible ways that an attacker could exploit a system or application, including entry points, interfaces, DNS vulnerabilities, digital footprints and other potential vulnerabilities.
  • Advanced Query Builder
    • Get access to a curated bank of advanced IP, domain, and record queries, with risk scoring, that give your teams a headstart on a range of intrusion methods.

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