Silent Push IOFA data is used to enrich the intelligence operation of leading brands and organizations within a diverse range of industries. Our API surface provides teams with the tools, features and functionality they need to craft a bespoke security solution that caters to each and every operational challenge they face.


Our Digital Risk Protection and automated anti-spoofing functionality gives retail security teams the ability to track and counteract brand exploitation and phishing attacks targeting ecommerce portals at source, using proprietary data that isn’t available anywhere else.

Brand spoofing

Content similarity scans


Finance & Banking

Banks, financial organizations and crypto platforms use Silent Push to protect their customers’ money and corporate assets by deploying a range of countermeasures designed to stop financial attack vectors at source, including phishing and smishing protection, typosquatting defense and content similarity scans that pinpoint spoofed financial login portals.

Brand spoofing

Content similarity scans

Crypto data harvesting

Phishing and smishing

APT campaign tracking


Our data includes bespoke threat feeds and IOFAs that track APT groups involved in attacks on private and public energy infrastructure, including IoT hijacking, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

APT monitoring

Spear phishing protection

WAN and LAN vulnerability detection

IoT devices

Government & Healthcare

Silent Push is used by national law enforcement entities to protect citizens’ data and prevent attacks on public infrastructure across a range of governmental use cases, including state-backed APT attacks, portal spoofing, email scams, and dark web/underground threats.

Dangling DNS detection

Open directory scanning

Portal spoofing defense

APT tracking

Dark web monitoring

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