About Us

The global security industry tracks only 2% of live attacker infrastructure.

Silent Push focuses on the remaining 98%.

Silent Push was founded to transform the way organizations across the world track, monitor and counteract global threat activity.

Most of the intelligence data that organization’s rely on to combat threats is overvalued and simply not fit for purpose. We’re here to redress the balance and make a tangible, measurable improvement to modern threat intelligence operations across a range of use cases.

We operate a proprietary scanning and aggregation engine, using first-party data that logs changes across the entire IPv4 and IPv6 space, and provides security teams with pre-evaluated data and query functionality that simply isn’t available anywhere else on the Internet.

Our Mission

Every organization deserves to be equipped with the data and tools that are required to defend themselves against not only known threats, but emerging campaigns too.

Current IOC-based threat intelligence platforms only provide generic, reactive information on known threats at a given point in time, and don’t provide early warning of attacks. We provide Indicators Of Future Attack (IOFA) – proactive IP, domain and URL data that allows security teams to identify and track adversary infrastructure before it’s weaponized.

We believe that private and public sector security teams need to move away from the kind of post-breach data IOCs contained within most threat feeds and consoles, and operate with a set of security practices that places an emphasis on intelligence data that’s pre-evaluated and easy to ingest.

Our Approach

Silent Push takes a unique approach to identifying developing cyber threats by creating Indicators of Future Attacks (IOFA) that are more useful, and more valuable than industry-standard IOCs.

We apply unique behavioral fingerprints to attacker activity and search across our proprietary DNS database – containing the most complete, accurate, and timely view of global internet-facing infrastructure anywhere in the world – to reveal adversary infrastructure and campaigns prior to launch.

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