Level-Up Your Cyber Defenses

The Silent Push Platform uses first-party data and a proprietary scanning engine to enrich global DNS data with risk and reputation scoring, giving security teams the ability to join the dots across the entire IPv4 range and identify adversary infrastructure before an attack is launched.

Deploy an advanced
early warning system
that alerts your teams to emerging threats.

Researchers, SOC analysts and threat hunters use our platform to generate a behavioral fingerprint that follows an attacker across the internet, wherever they try to hide, and however they deploy their infrastructure.

We collect, cluster and enrich global IP and domain data to output ‘Indicators of Future Attack’ (IOFA) that teams use to counteract attacker infrastructure and combat emerging threats at source.


Scan, expand, and timestamp internet data.

  • Domains and IPs
  • HTML content
  • Hash values
  • Certificates
  • ASNs

2. Aggregation

Control change attributes for efficiency.

  • Changes Over Time
  • Content Similarity
  • Regional Data
  • Data Enrichment
  • Hosting History
  • Relational Data
Laptop of Silent Push dashboard on a black laptop


Efficiently address
critical security incidents.

  • Reputation scores
  • Risk Management
  • NS Evaluation
  • Domain Assessment
  • ANS Analysis
  • Enrichment Highlights


Cluster and deliver attributes for searches.

  • Console queries
  • API integration
  • Query language (SPQL)
  • Threat feeds
  • Monitoring
  • Custom alerts

Fast, complete, reliable intelligence

We profile malicious tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) by capturing an adversary’s digital fingerprint that’s indexed and searchable using over 100 enriched data categories. Our multi-dimensional DNS and content database provides the most up-to-date and accurate insight of internet activity available anywhere in the world.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Identify and track malicious infrastructure before it’s weaponized.

Using layered analytics – including IP and ASN diversity, entropy scoring and correlative DNS data – Silent Push reveals hidden adversary infrastructure prior to an attack being launched, bridging the threat intelligence divide and protecting your organization from financial and reputational harm.

Brand & Impersonation Protection

Protect your brand from phishing, domain spoofing, malvertisement and smishing campaigns.

We provide the most complete list of domain records available anywhere on the internet,  including new domains from ICANN/Verisign zone files, recently resolved TLD domains, self-named nameservers, and recent changes in DNS records.

Our data is sourced from PADNS information and zone file analysis using a proprietary DNS scanning engine that’s only available to us.

Early Detection Feeds

Monitor global threat activity with a curated early warning system that tracks attacker infrastructure.

Silent Push offers 50+ enhanced threat feeds that monitor active domains, URLs and IP addresses across C2 frameworks, APT campaigns, phishing and spoofing campaigns, and state-specific activity using both licensed and open-source frameworks.


Strengthen your security stack with robust threat data integrations.

Use a Silent Push Enterprise subscription to feed enriched threat data into your existing security stack using a suite of 100+ domain, IPv4/6 and URL endpoints. Enrich your organization’s threat hunting and detection operations with risk and reputation scoring tailored to your unique requirements.

Build a more intelligent security operation

Reduce Time to Discovery

Harness the power of billions of real-time data points to discover attacker infrastructure the moment it’s created.

Integration with existing workflows

Ingest proprietary Silent Push data into your security stack and level up your organization’s threat intelligence operation with real-time, actionable data that monitors global threat activity at source.

Hunt for and monitor emerging threats

Detect and monitor adversary infrastructure and hunt for brand-specific threats using the world’s most powerful and insightful correlative DNS database.

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Custom Data Monitors And Reports

Generate tailored reports and data monitors in an end-to-end security solution that ticks every last box. Adjust your threat hunting and detection operation to cater for different brands, domain infrastructure, vendors and supply chain operators.

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