Proactive Threat Hunting

Detect, track and counteract malicious infrastructure

Ingest enriched threat intelligence insights

Our platform crafts proprietary behavioral fingerprints that you can use to track and monitor attacker activity across the global IPv4/6 space.

Protect against emerging threats

Deploy advanced threat hunting mechanisms and proactive security measures that pinpoint malicious infrastructure and safeguard your organization from emerging and evolving threats.

View reputation scores

View enriched reputation scores for every observable domain and IP address on the Internet. Make objective decisions on the origin, function and risk level of data across 70+ granular categories.

Correlate the global IPv4/6 range to counteract known and unknown TTPs

Join the dots between billions of disparate data points to detect, track and monitor threat activity across a huge range of attack vectors. Give your security teams access to a first-party database that aggregates the global IPv4 space, using an intuitive web console and a versatile set of API endpoints.

Level-Up Your Incident Response and Threat Hunting Operations

Leverage enriched data points throughout your incident response and threat-hunting activities to analyze attack vectors and improve your cyber resilience across your organizational and supply chain operations. Mitigate threats using the world’s most advanced DNS defense and threat hunting platform.

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Silent Push Community Edition is a free DNS defense and threat hunting tool, containing a range of IP and domain-based lookups, that allows researchers and security teams to collect and analyze enriched threat data across a wide range of use cases.

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See how our platform can help you identify, track and monitor malicious infrastructure.