Use Cases

The Silent Push console and API surface fulfill a diverse range of security-based use cases, encompassing sector-specific cyber defense protocols, active and passive threat hunting, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence data management.

Phishing and spoofing protection

Silent Push allows security teams to identify, track and counteract brand and supply chain-specific phishing infrastructure, using proprietary data and Indicators of Future Attack (IOFA).

Infrastructure tracking

Our platform gives you the ability to map out adversary infrastructure before it’s weaponized, by linking together billions of disparate data points to identify common TTPs.

Managing feed data

Security teams can use Silent Push to ingest and create bespoke early detection feeds, including phishing and malware domains, APT campaigns, sector-specific threats and global C2 infrastructure.

DNS protection

Silent Push monitors daily changes to an organization’s public DNS presence.  Security teams can use the console and our API surface to identify exploitable records & misconfigurations in real time e.g., expired certificates, dangling domains, DNS misconfigurations, & open directories.

Infrastructure scanning

Security and auditing teams can use Silent Push to identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s WAN and LAN setup, including port scanning and attack surface exploits.

Other security vendors

Vendors can feed Silent Push data into their own security products via an API surface that contains enriched IP, domain, DNS and reputational information that isn’t available anywhere else on the Internet.

Tracking C2s and botnets

Silent Push uses a combination of custom threat feeds and enriched DNS data to facilitate early detection of global command and control infrastructure.

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