Brand & Impersonation Protection

Safeguard your organization’s presence online

Prevent brand exploitation attacks at source

We offer the most extensive view of the global IPv4 space available anywhere on the internet. Our first-party dataset includes timely and accurate information about how your names and supply chain domains are being used online, allowing you to combat exploitation attacks prior to launch.

Monitor daily changes to your public DNS presence

Safeguard your organization and supply chain against DNS hijacking and certificate exploitation with regular automated audits of your public DNS presence, including third-party services and robust subdomain enumeration.

Counteract brand-specific impersonation campaigns before they’re deployed

Actively monitor for domain spoofing, phishing campaigns, and typosquatting attacks that damage your brand’s reputation.

Map out your organization’s global Internet presence

Conduct comprehensive DNS surveys that safeguard  your brand’s digital footprint, providing insight into security risks and vulnerabilities across the length and breadth of your organization.

Identify exploitable records and misconfigurations in real-time

Perform DNS scans that pinpoint exploitable records and certificates, and vulnerable subdomains. Monitor queries to stay informed of changes and create custom queries that interrogate granular DNS datasets.

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Silent Push Community Edition is a free DNS defense and threat hunting tool, containing a range of IP and domain-based lookups, that allows researchers and security teams to collect and analyze enriched threat data across a wide range of use cases.

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