Release 4.2

Release 4.2 is now live!

We’ve added plenty of new functionality to our data enrichment feature – you can now enrich an ASN and an IPv6 address. We’ve also provided Enterprise users the ability to drill-down into IOFA Feed data with a dedicated space for curated IOFA Feeds, and an all-new ‘Feed Analytics’ screen.

New IOFA Feeds

A new IOFA Feeds page has been introduced under Data Marketplace.

The curated feeds contain intelligence on a range of specific threat actors, C2 infrastructure, threat campaigns and attack vectors.

You can also view detailed feed metrics including:

  1. Geographic data
  2. ASN count
  3. Historical IOFA count
  4. TLD and ASN distribution
  5. Featured registrars and nameservers
Indicators of Future Attack (IOFA) Feeds page

ASN Enrichment Page

There is now a dedicated ASN Enrichment page which outputs ASN data similar to our existing domain and IP enrichment pages. Users can now access:

  1. Basic ASN information
  2. WHOIS RDAP data
  3. ASN reputation data, including takedown reputation and graphical representations of 30-day scoring metrics
  4. Active subnets, including each subnet’s range, size, density and the number of active IPs

The page also includes a graphical representation of ASN Takedown Reputation History and ASN Reputation History using 30-day scoring metrics. 

ASN Enrichment page

IPv6 Enrichment Page

Users can now enrich an IPv6 address and view all of our available intelligence across 12 categories and sub-categories. Users are able to view:

  1. Enrichment highlights, including risk and reputation scores
  2. Basic information
  3. DNS records
  4. Associated ASN information, including reputation and takedown scores

Users can conveniently pivot to this page from anywhere within the platform where IPv6 addresses are displayed.

IPv6 Enrichment page

Additional resources

Visit the Silent Push Knowledge Base to view detailed guides and information regarding the platform and our latest releases.

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