Release 4.3: Brand Impersonation, Web Scanner, Live Scan and IOFA Feed updates

Release 4.3 has arrived!

We’ve significantly expanded our Brand Impersonation capabilities, with the addition of Email Impersonation, HTML Title Impersonation and Favicon Impersonation queries to support early detection of impersonators across a variety of digital assets.

We’ve also enhanced our Web Scanner and Live Scan tools. You are now able to pivot directly from the Live Scan results to perform a new Web Scanner query, allowing you to view historical web data in conjunction with live infrastructure to help analyse attack patterns in a matter of a few clicks.

Brand Impersonation

This release sees a significant expansion of our Brand Impersonation capabilities. Now with a dedicated menu item ‘Brand Impersonation’, we’ve introduced three new brand impersonation tools alongside our existing Domain Impersonation query to support early detection across a variety of digital assets.

  • Email Impersonation: find newly seen domains that are used to target organisations leveraging MX records (i.e., via email)
  • HTML Title Impersonation: search for other sites that are impersonating your domain’s HTML title
  • Favicon Impersonation: search for sites that are impersonating your brand’s favicon

Web Scanner

We’ve made several enhancements to our Web Scanner tool to improve its intuitiveness. 

  • Enhanced query operators: we’ve added four new operators to the Operator dropdown in the ‘Simple Search’ tab 
  • SPQL field descriptions: view a description of each SPQL field in the ‘Field Name’ dropdown, along with a tooltip
  • New slide-in section: view query examples, saved searches and recent searches in the ‘My Searches’ pop-up
  • Add to feed or collection: you are now able to add Web Scanner results to a new or existing feed or collection

Live Scan

We’ve updated our Live Scan tool with new sharing capabilities, pivoting functions and scanning features to support your search.

  • Advanced scan options: emulate a scan using 4 top-level parameters – ‘Region’, ‘User Agent’, ‘OS’, and ‘Browser’
  • Dark Web Scan tab: perform a scan using a .onion URL
  • Share scan results on social media
  • Pivot from scan results: left-click any blue text in the results screen to add the data element to a Web Scanner query
  • Add to feed or collection: add Live Scan results to a new or existing feed or collection

‘Quick Search’ menu

A new left-hand Quick Search menu has been added, allowing you to search through menu options and quickly access your favorite tools.

Additional resources

Check out this short video by our Director of Sales Engineering, Maulik Limbachiya, who summarizes the new features available to you in Release 4.3:

IOFA Feed tag support

Each feed on the IOFA Feeds menu now shows the tags associated with that feeds. You are now able to filter the screen using a Filter By Tags drop-down menu.

Additional resources

Check out this summary of Release 4.3 by Silent Push Director of Sales Engineering, Maulik Limbachiya.

Visit the Silent Push Knowledge Base to view detailed guides and information regarding the platform and our latest releases.

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