Finding Adversary Infrastructure Before the Attack by John Jensen for mWISE Conference 2023

Threat intelligence 2.0 is about creating defensible information to protect organizations proactively, preferably at the point just before malicious infrastructure is used. To make this fundamental change in the output, one needs to re-invent the input.

In this video, Silent Push Founder & CTO John Jensen shares examples of new data points and how they can be used to find repeat behaviour of a variety of threat actors.

Key takeaways from mWise conference 2023:

  • Organizations need to adopt tools and working practices that reduce cybersecurity burnout, and cater to the human element of working within a security team – automation and resource efficiency plays a huge role in this.
  • China has leapfrogged Russia as the most potent propagator of cyber espionage, data theft, and network disruption across the globe, according to the FBI.
  • There’s a renewed need for the public and private sector to join forces in the fight against organized APT activity – especially national law enforcement agencies and government advisory bodies.

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