Silent Push Launches with $10M in Total Funding to Bring Detection Focused Threat Intelligence to the Market

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Silent Push has announced the company’s launch with a total of $10M in seed funding led by global cybersecurity specialist investor Ten Eleven Ventures.

Silent Push takes a unique approach to identifying emerging cyber threats by providing the most comprehensive view of global internet-facing infrastructure available and applying deep analysis to reveal new attacker infrastructure and campaigns. Customers can now understand emerging threats before launch, be prepared, and proactively solve problems.

As cyber threats continue to grow, organizations have traditionally focused on detecting threats by using intelligence feeds with indicators of compromise (IOCs). Silent Push’s approach goes beyond that by providing the capability to understand what attackers are doing prior to an attack, delivering detailed analysis of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by threat actors. This information provides insights into their capabilities and targets – Silent Push acts like a threat radar, allowing organizations to see what attackers are doing. Silent Push can be used stand-alone or integrated via an API into commonly used security tools such as a SIEM.

Ken Bagnall (CEO) and John Jensen (CTO) are well-known veteran co-founders who have worked together for over 15 years, most recently at FireEye, Inc., who acquired their previous company, The Email Laundry.

“Our unique ability lies in knowing the attacker’s TTPs – what they are doing to prepare for an attack or campaign,” said Ken Bagnall, CEO of Silent Push. “A good example of this is where we recently observed attackers using legitimate websites to redirect to threat actor-controlled intermediate ‘cushion servers’, which leads to phishing URLs with fake Microsoft logins.”

The company currently has over 500 organizations on the free community edition (, including commercial and government organizations, and security researchers. The paid Enterprise edition has already been adopted by security teams of some of the world’s largest organizations. Customers can use the solution via the Silent Push browser interface, or tightly integrate into existing security solutions using the Silent Push API, allowing enrichment of any security event and replacing multiple existing products.

“At Ten Eleven Ventures, we always seek truly innovative solutions that provide more effective cyber defense. By taking a totally new approach to how signals are gathered and analyzed, Silent Push is dramatically elevating the impact that threat intelligence can have in protecting enterprises worldwide,” said Dave Palmer, General Partner at Ten Eleven Ventures and formerly one of the founders of Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security artificial intelligence. Palmer also has 13 years experience in government intelligence operations, including at UK intelligence agencies GCHQ and MI5. “Silent Push’s detection-focused intelligence platform, which maps out the entire Internet-facing infrastructure daily to identify attackers setting up campaigns before they launch attacks, is one of a kind. It allows operators to dramatically enrich their defense decision making with proactive knowledge of the most relevant threats, and is already replacing multiple products in customer’s security stack.”