Upcoming: PIVOTcon Malaga 2024

PIVOTcon x Silent Push

We’re thrilled to be invited to the upcoming PIVOTcon Malaga 2024 conference coming up in May.

PIVOTcon is a unique opportunity for us to experience an event run by threat analysts for threat analysts, where attendees have the opportunity to go beyond what is able to shared in public forums, blog posts and reports, strengthening connections between ourselves and other threat researchers from across Europe.

PIVOTcon takes a contemporary approach to industry events, with a focus on interpersonal connection and sharing of experiences, tradecrafts, successes and pitfalls. It is through these connections that we are able to dive deeper into emerging trends, common roadblocks within security teams, and discuss pioneering approaches to proactive cyber defense.

The three day conference will be packed with workshops and discussions focused on threat research and technical analysis, led by industry experts from diverse backgrounds including private sector researchers, government, law enforcement and military analysts, academics and investigative journalists.

We look to learning from new and old friends, and sharing our own experiences in delivering proactive cyber defense to enterprise organizations across the globe.

Learn more about PIVOTcon here.